Sunday, August 5, 2012

Game Idea: Space Station Survival

In this game, you create a character each time you want to play. Your character can have a certain job which affects their skills and items; a security officer will get a gun, a technician will get a toolkit. Then you spawn in on a space station. This is a MMORPG, so all the other players are there, and the space station is persistent; it never resets. The space station has been attacked by alien zombies. Your objective is to stay alive and to help others. You can move around and interact with things: open doors, repair computers, and etc. Repairing the space station and killing aliens will earn you points. Eventually, however, the aliens will get you. Then you turn into an alien. Your goal is now to kill players and wreck havoc. You can quit the game at this stage of course, but then you lose all the points you accrued as a human as well as the points from the alien, so that's not a good idea. When you are killed by humans, you are now back to the character create screen. However, the points you earned will allow you to start as new jobs, get perks, etc. So this game is a game where you only play for short sessions, but while alive, you have to try to make the world better for you and the other players.

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