Monday, October 15, 2012

Status Update

Yet another status update! I know these posts will be basically useless in the future, but I think I've put off posting for far too long.

My three project philosophy remains the same, but, sadly, I've abandoned all three of my previous projects. Some of them may return in the future, but I wasn't having fun working on them, and that's what really matters to me. Hence, my new projects:

Long Term Team Project: ???
I'm afraid I can't reveal any details yet, but with any luck, this collaboration should turn out most awesome. It's my most ambitious project yet, so stay tuned!

Long Term Personal Project: Turn based RPG
Think Pokemon. This isn't actually an individual project - I'm working with a long time friend - but I'm doing it for personal reasons. Again, I can't reveal much detail yet, but I have a reason to finish this game, so hopefully it'll go far.

Short Term Personal Project: MUD
Any of you who've made a MUD, you'll know it's not a short term project. But, I'm not certain how long I'll actually work on it (I might very well not finish it), so, that's why it goes here. This one actually has a play-able demo, click here. Go try it out!

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