Friday, November 9, 2012

On Mud Design - Part 2

Right, so I realized I didn't give enough information on my previous post about my actual game, so I've decided to write a continuation.
On Mud Design - Part 2
Let's start with the basics. I'm going with a post-apocalyptic steamjunk  genre. Steamjunk is a variety of steampunk; it's when steam machines, rather than work beautifully, break down and are cobbled together. This technological trouble is caused by some natural disaster, the cause of which is currently unknown. But in essence, only a few settlements exist. They're more like forts, really. Not to keep out monsters - this is no zombie apocalypse - but to keep out raiders with guns.And this brings me to next major feature.

PvP. This game will be mostly PvP. I may add some PvE but only for grinding purposes. The key thing here is players don't disappear when they are offline. They just "go to sleep". It's easy enough to murder these players while they "sleep". However, PvP is disabled within settlement walls. So sleep in a city, and you're safe. Sleep in the wilderness, and chances are you'll wake up dead. There will be some ways to allay this-you'll be able to hide in objects which will mean you will only be revealed upon closer inspection of the object. Unfortunately, you can't move while hiding, so this is only a desperate attempt to prevent yourself from being killed. The best hunters will be those who look everywhere.

This is starting to turn into a design doc, isn't it? Well, that's okay. I always intended to be very open about the development of this game.

Anywho, I'll edit this post with more details...whenever I feel like it, I guess. If you're reading this, comment. Please. Just a little thing to show someone actually cares :)

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